How it works & what you need to know

The kit (motor, LCD display, thumb throttle + all the bits and bobs)

We stock the Bafang BBS01B mid mount motor. This essentially replaces your middle gears and is installed through the bottom bracket of your bike - the piece of framing between your pedals. It is a pedal-assist motor meaning it is activated as you pedal and makes each pedal push more powerful, they don't take over the bike and the amount of assistance you receive is easy to control. There are 5 levels of assistance to choose from, and you also have a thumb throttle which propels the rear wheel for extra help on steep hills or if you simply don't want to pedal at all. The motor stops assisting when you stop pedaling, and is also wired to the break leaver on your handle bars so if you use your breaks this automatically stops the motor. While your central gears are removed to install the motor, you keep your existing rear gears and continue to use these as you normally would. As the motor is mounted centrally on your bike, and at a low point, it is close to the centre of gravity, making it easier to balance.

The battery is 36V, 10.4Ah and you should comfortably get 40km out of a single charge, however depending on the amount of assistance used, rider weight and the the terrain of your bike ride it is easy to exceed 40km between chargers. It takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge the battery from flat. The battery slots into a mount that is screwed onto your bike, and can be removed if you want to take it inside to charge. It does have a key lock so that you can lock it in place when you are out and about, without anyone being able to take your battery. The charger for the battery is a simple 3 pin wall plug and is small enough to take with you in your bag if you are intending on travelling long distances. We typically install the battery on the central support bar as this keeps the weight central on your bike, assisting with balance, however it can also be installed on the rear carrier rack.

The total additional weight added to your bike through the motor and battery is approximately 7kg.

The LCD display screen is attached to your handle bars, this shows you the level of assistance (0-5) you are currently on, your battery life, your speed, and your total distance in km. 

Also attached to your handle bars is the assist controller, a simple keypad consisting of a + and - so that you can adjust your level of assistance. The motor can also be switched off completely if you would like to use your bike as a conventional push bike.

We can fit a conversion kit onto 99% of bikes, the only requirement to be compatible is that the bottom bracket of your bike measures between 68mm - 73mm, this is the piece of framing between your pedals.