E-bike Conversions

e-bike Conversions

Rediscover the joy and freedom of biking

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Why buy a new e-bike when you can upcycle your perfectly good push bike?

Converting your push bike to an e-bike using our e-bike conversion kits is better for your pocket and better for the environment - it's also super easy!

We specialise in converting bikes to e-bikes through the installation of a 250w mid-mount electric motor. The motor assists pedalling - it is activated when you pedal - and stops as soon as you do, making it safe and easy to operate. You can choose your level of assistance giving you complete control over how much effort you would like to put in. The motor is strong enough to carry you up the steepest hill, or can be turned off completely if you want the workout. Whether you want to re-discover the joy and freedom of weekend bike rides, commute to work arriving fresh faced or simply want to use your bike more, join the revolution and bring on your bike's evolution. 



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