“Thanks for doing such a great conversion on my trike. It has made my life so much easier and I am getting a lot more enjoyment when riding so as a result I am using it more frequently. My only regret is that I didn't get it done sooner. Friendly helpful service would recommend to anyone” - Anne Janssen, Wanganui

“Hi, I bought a e bike kit off Jason & Margarete and fitted myself with a bit of help from Jason online; and all is going great. Thanks a lot” - David, Ashburton

“Bought a kit from Jason at the Ngamoutu markets to fit myself. Jason was very helpful with the setting up and it was very easy to do, love getting out on the walkway now days. Hills are not a problem. My 74 year old legs thank you very much.” - Ian McNab, New Plymouth

“Word of mouth from a friend about someone they knew who had taken their bike to New Plymouth to have an e bike kit fitted had me on MR Google searching for who was offering this wonderful service. I found them!!
What great service and help I have received getting my 18 month old bike, that I love, fitted with the e kit. Worked out well to drop at the start of the week and pick up later in the week after a bit of a holiday.  I was so pleased to be able to test ride an already converted bike to see if I felt safe and comfortable on it. Didn't take much before I was converted. I have tested it out around the hill we live on since picking it up and now I have so many options to use it and save petrol. We travel in a Motorhome and it fits well on the bike rack. I can't wait to get back on some cycle trails. 
Thank you Margarete and the team, great service and good knowledge you have passed on. Wishing you all the best growing your e-bike business.” - Sue, Wanganui

“Just ideal for me able to bike into city to library and return. Excellent motor I find that I still have to bike up the hills and use the motor. Great job Jason. Thank you” - Bob Morrow, New Plymouth

"After breaking my ankle last year, my bike was sitting in the garage gathering dust. I also have Rheumatoid arthritis and considered selling my bike. Converting my bike to an ebike was the best decision I ever made. I am now biking to work without being covered in sweat upon arrival. Jason and Margarete made everything easy. I love my ebike." - Ceri, Kapiti Coast

"Wow, thankyou, Jason and Margarete, we just love our ebike conversions. Must say, your customer service was the best and we’re sure you’ll help many people, once again, enjoy their bikes. When I rode your ebike to see if I liked it ..... by the time I reached the end of our r.o.w. I knew YES I want one!! Thanks again" - Margaret and John Cullen, New Plymouth

"I was sceptical at first & purchased a normal mountain bike, then took on the New Plymouth hills (not many flat areas in NP). Each day was like a hard workout on wheels, met with the e-bike team down on Ngamoutu beach, it all sounded too easy. But I went for a trial run & it felt soooo good. I now have my e-conversion completed & after a few minor hiccups (Margarete & her team were excellent) I am up & biking daily. 20+ kms is not a problem, the NP Walkways are my favourite & even the Cumberland hill is not a problem. One of the best moves I have made.
Try one for yourselves you will be surprised, it adds a whole new dimension to retired life." - Paddy Brady, New Plymouth

"We were on the point of getting rid of our bicycles as they were taking up too much room to store, when I saw the advertisement for bike conversions - well that has all changed now and we really enjoy getting out and cycling. Having the boost from the charged battery has given me confidence to cycle once again and to keep going. My husband and I both live in a retirement village so are not spring chickens!" - Hazel & John Stevens, New Plymouth

"Thank you guys for the e-bike conversion. It has given me the incentive to get back on my bike,such a bonus with so many hills in New Plymouth. My little dog loves to travel in the basket as well. I would recommend a conversion wholeheartedly. Thanks again" - Raewyn Bishop. New Plymouth

"So glad I got my bike e-converted by Jason & Margarete, they are just the loveliest people to deal with. The economics of converting my current bike made so much sense. Since my conversion a couple of weeks ago, I have done 125kms (5x 25 km rides) off a fully charged battery & the battery display shows I still have 1/4 of capacity left. WOW. Super impressed. I'm finding the crank driven PAS easy & intuitive to use in conjunction with my bikes rear gears. Just loving it, so much fun." - Jenny, e-gran. Whanganui

"Being able to convert my bike with E-bike conversions helped me to get the most out of my ride. With a little one on the back and lots of hills on the way into town, converting to electric made biking possible for us, especially in my first trimester when I needed the endorphin boost. We did over 400k in just 3 months, and it made me feel great every morning. The freedom to ride anywhere in town has been so rewarding for us." - Brittany Ryan, New Plymouth


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